1 ton
of cell phones contains
as much gold as
70 tons
of gold ore

UNU, 2009

Less than
of global e-waste
any form of

GIS Watch, 2010

of all platinum group metal &
rare earth mining
took place
in the last
30 Years

WRAP, 2012

70% of all
toxic metals
in US
come from


Guiyu, the global capital of e-waste,
has the
highest ever
recorded levels
of dioxins

ES&T, 2007

Guiyu, China
4000 tons
of e-waste 
every hour

ES&T, 2009

Electronic waste is the
fastest growing
waste stream
in the world

EPA, 2008

Every day,
US consumers dispose of
enough cell phones
to cover
over 50
football fields

EPA, 2011

Copper disposed
annually in
is equivalent to 
a third of
global copper

European Commission, 2009

of the energy a
computer consumes comes from its
rather than
its use

UNU, 2004

One Third
of the silver and copper mined
is used to
produce electronics

UN, 2009

There are more
rare earth metals
in land filled electronics than in
all known
global reserves

Nature Materials, 2011

Sourcing metals for electronics
more than
30 million
tons of CO2
every year

UN, 2009

Recycling metals
10% of the
used for
mining metals

UNU, 2009

More than
a billion
cell phones
are sold
every year

Gartner, 2012

Every day,
US consumers dispose of
Enough TVs
to fill
more than

600 trucks

EPA, 2011

$12 Billion
is spent annually
to identify new virgin

EPA, 2011

Less Than
of rare earth metals are
currently recycled

EPA, 2011

In 2009, More Than
of US consumer
e-waste was

land filled

EPA, 2010

PRIV BRADOO PhD – Co-Founder & CEO

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